Rent & Lease Charlotte NC Office, Coworking, Salon, Executive Suite, Flex, Warehouse, Spaces & More

Souder Properties offers affordable commercial work spaces in the greater Charlotte area. Our properties offer a variety of commercial and retail spaces ready to fit your business’ needs. We offer office spaces, executive office suites, salon suites, coworking space, flex space, warehouse and industrial spaces. Locations and sizes vary to provide your business room to grow!

Have a property you want to rent out? Our Charlotte, NC Property Management services can help you take care of that.

Click on the image below to see the latest spaces and rates available.

Office Spaces
Executive Office Suites
Salon Suites
Retail Spaces
Retail Spaces
Warehouse Spaces
Commercial Spaces
rent avaliable coworking space
Coworking Spaces
Tractor Trailer Parking
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