3 Tips to Choose the Best Warehouse | Charlotte NC

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When looking to lease a warehouse for your business or needs, there are more than several items to consider. Here are the top three things you should consider when looking for a warehouse to rent in Charlotte NC: 

1. Cost – Efficiency. – Its easy to choose a warehouse based on the lowest monthly cost per square foot. This isn’t always a smart choice. This may lead you to chose a warehouse that is very cost effective monthly but consequently adds hundreds or thousands to your other costs.
Important questions to ask – Is this a convenient location? Is this location going to incur heavy drayage fees for transporting product and materials? How much cubic capacity will you need to meet your need for growth in the next few years?

2. Features – How many loading docks will make your warehouse efficient? Are they in a convenient location? Is there ample parking? Does it have a workable layout between areas for your needs? Visualize the standard day to day activities in the warehouse. Will the warehouse house them all appropriately in the proper staging sequence?

3. Location – Is there easy access to the freeway for trucks? Is there ample turning space near the loading docks? Is it in a location that will increase overall efficiency? Is your lot easily accessible to trucks? Is this location in a good area to attract new employees?

Souder Properties can help find the right warehouse space for your needs in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas. Call us today or email us here. 

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